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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It Really Is True

What can I say about that last post?

Moving along.

It's interesting just what is "true" about Cambodia from my extensive research* before my trip. True: Cambodians will not accept tarnished currency. I tried to pay my moto driver at Angkor Wat, Mii (he told me his name was Mii and I decided to spell it with two "i"s because I can) with a generously-used fiver, and he wouldn't accept it. Considering that some of the yuan I've recevied (as both change and as real money from those new-fangled ATMs) was without a doubt an emeregency sanitary napkin at some point, I can't imagine why you'd object to a peach-fuzz Old Abe. Also true: the little kids do indeed run around and try the "sooshine one doll-luh," as well as trying to sell you flowers and books. Hell, a woman approached me the other day with a cage full of birds and wanted me to pay to let them free! Now that's diabloic. She got my dollar. Other Cambotruths® include constant offers for pot and hookers from moto drivers, as well as offers to go shoot cows with surplus AK-47s left over from the 70s.

Maybe I just look like a hooker-happy, pot-smokin' gun-shootin Yankee-boy Americunh, but I get these offers fairly often.

Also true: every moto and tuk-tuk driver will ask you at least once if you need their services. You could be walking into your hotel, into a shop, hell, you could be riding on another moto, they'll always ask, just in case.

Well, my intentions for a big long myth-busting installment petered out fairly quickly, no? I think I should go get ready ... I ship out to 'Nam in the morning.


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