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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Back in Zhanjiang. New term comin'. Yessuh, new terms 'a comin'.

I got a bad haircut in Hong Kong. I'm doing my best with it.

At first I was planning to just shave my head; I mean, I've been admiring the shape of my skull and I think it might look halfway decent in the buff; plus, I don't think you should go through life without knowing what your head looks like shaved; you've gotta be honest with yourself. But I've been persuaded to let it stay at the moment. That could change tomorrow, though.

I am very optimistic for this new term. I have some new ideas to make my classes - even those droll literature ones - more interactive, more interesting, and more helpful. My ultimate goal, as a teacher in China, should be to help my students speak English better. Lecturing to them about the deeper meanings of poems does not accomplish this. But I think I can find a happy medium that will let me do both, and if I lean too far in one direction, I think it's OK if we have more chatting and less metaphysical pondering.

I'm teaching less hours this term as well, and hopefully this will allow me to study Chinese more regularly and do more extra-curriculars like English Corner and showing movies and the like. Who knows, I may even get around to those writing projects that have been rotting around on my hard drive for the past few months.

Yessuh. This here new term be lookin' all right, I reckon.

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Patrick said...

I think it looks good. And you lost a ton of weight.