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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Random Images to Make My Blog More Impressive II

And the march of breathtaking photography goes on unabated.

Let me show you the roof.

Living on the top floor has its advantages. One of which includes the oh-so-enticing hole in the roof of the stairwell, covered by a simple square of weather-worn wood and metal. After wondering what the view was like on the other side of that piece of wood, I decided to stack some furniture (chair, another chair, and a stool) and use those big heavy green iron doors to get up there and take a look. Of course it was the roof, and it was an empty, inviting place with a cool breeze and a great view of the stars. So Steve and I went and bought a bamboo ladder, and it became a choice place for marking papers, reading, and a drink or five at the end of the week.

Steve loved bringing his guitar up there, too. And he plays classical guitar, which he studied in Spain, so there was a great Matadorian spice on the (somewhat) cooling breeze whenever he was up there playing.

And you can also get a great view of the sunset.

Click here (and scroll down) few more roof-dwellin' pics.

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