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Monday, December 17, 2007

What's A Year?

Planning this pan-Asia trip has got me thinking a bit toward the future. This past weekend in Shenyang has got me thinking a lot about the past. Why did I come to China, why have I stayed in China, and what I will do next year.

A lot of it ties in with the language. A lot of it ties in with doing something interesting and challenging and not wanting to "tread water." A lot of it is fear of the unknown, of what I will do and how I will live if I were to come back to America next year.

Is a third year possible? Is it something I want? What do I need? What would be best for me? Why don't I know what I want?

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Anonymous said...

i can not give you any good advice.And what i am saying is what i thinking about.Sometimes we will fear of the unknown future and question what is the best for us.Everybody will have the same or similar question during their whole life. Such is life.We will have many choices. We can not tell which is the right and which is the wrong.Different choices will have different experiences.Life is not as complicated as we think. Happiness is not so difficult to gained. what can make you happy will be the best for you.Sometimes people think a lot about what they want and neglect what they have had.i believe you will find you way.