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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Video Redux

I've made a few videos in these last two years in China, and some of them are total crap. But there are a few I'm really proud of, and would like to share them with you (again).

My first time traveling solo, a long weekend in Macau in October 2006. Little did I know this trip would be the seed that would blossom with me going to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and a bunch of other Southeast Asian countries. I got a real taste for being on the road on my own, and this is kind of where it all started.

Making dumplings with my students and friends in Zhanjiang. My first time making dumplings ... I think I've gotten better now.

I love this guy making cotton candy on the back of his bike.

A cameo from Flargin in this one, Patch made a great video of my trip all over China with my siblings last year.

And for some reason, I really love this one, from New Years. Probably the music.

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