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Thursday, July 17, 2008


It certainly has been a long time. This forced march through Europe has been spectacular, along with a very long list of other adjectives I can't be bothered to fish out, and here I sit, a month (!) later in a cafe on Crete, Greek coffee and conversation swirling through the air, in front of two computers you have to feed one-Euro coins in to like a Donkey Kong machine, realizing I forgot my USB cable for my camera (which means no new pictures ... good lord, I haven't even done Amsterdam, Munich, anything in Austria or Italy or Greece ...), tired and with a headcold and unable to stop swaying from the motion of the sea we've been sailing on, a slow rocking that even here on dry land still causes my body to gently roll to imaginary waves, a thrall to some invisible drunkneness ... what a trip.

I mailed some postcards from Turkey yesterday, when we stopped in Kusadasi... hope they get to their destinations soon, because it looks like postcards I mailed from Thailand last February are just now arriving to some people. Yesterday on Rhodes I went to meet the colossus, but sadly, he wasn't there ... was he ever? I stood where one of his legs would have been, a hundred-foot arch spanning the mouth to a tiny harbor, and colossi nonewithstanding (that's a fun plural), being on that island, dirtying my feet in the dust of what was once classical Greece, what was once the root of modern Western civilization ... that was awesomne. I walked back from the colossus-less pier and passed by a boat flying an American flag and a big "Delaware" stenciled on its back, the "Cerra CM" the ship was called, an no one on it spoke English save the Greek sailors who said the people on the boat were from Turkey and France. Maybe the world isn't that small afterall.

And now I gotta go get in line, get back on the ship, see some more of Greece and finish this trip.

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