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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Déjà Villanova (or: Jim and Law go to Labor Day Camp)

The much anticipated follow-up to last year's summer camp is here! Jim and Law go to Labor Day Camp!

I spent Labor Day weekend living like I did in college: sitting inside on beautiful days playing video games, eating garbage, and drinking what polite company would call "to excess." This time was spent with my good friends (Matt) Lawler, Jim (Hartzel), C(ecilia Bladino) and Keiff ("Keith" Benedict). Last summer Jim and I drove up to Boston to see Lawler, and on the ride home, Jim told me he was this close to buying the ring, and that he already had a plan for how to propose to C, on their third anniversary on the exact spot they first started dating. Fast forward one year, the wedding is in December, and I'm wishing them congratulations in person for the first time as they approach the one-year anniversary of their engagement. It's certainly been a year.

Yeah. It was that kind of weekend.

How does the camera know how to adjust accordingly for all that beer?


Oh yeah.

Happy Birthday, Jim.

My name is Matthew Lawler, and I approve of this cake carving.


Out and about in New Hope.

Jim enjoys looking weird.

Oh dear ...

Congrats you crazy kids.

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