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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lazy Wednesday

Ugh. Lazy Wednesday is right. This week my seniors have been off in Guangzhou (taking their first timid steps into the crushing Chinese job market), and I spent a classless Wednesday sleeping in and wasting time. Grading some papers (not enough), playing some emulated Majora's Mask (too much), doing laundry and a little cleaning and neglecting the Robinson Crusoe quiz and interviews I'm to prepare for tomorrow's classes. And I still have mountains of papers to grade, finals to write, and classes to prepare. Ugh, indeed.

Even on the other side of the planet, with a whole city to explore and culture to experience and language to practice and learn, I can still be a lazy shut-in bum. Oh well. To borrow one of the (nauseatingly overused) phrases from my student's journals, "tomorrow is another day!"

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