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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Zhanjiang Superstar pt. II

The rock stars that are the foreign teachers - well, Steve, Kevin, and myself (along with foreign student Fulihan, and yes that's his Chinese name and no I can't be bothered to look up how you spell his real name) - were all interviewed and pictured in a local newspaper recently, when we attended a local Zhanjiang Beer Festival. They had kabobs of all kinds of meat: venison, ostrich, mutton, you name it. They also had lots and lots of cheap beer.

Delicious ostrich, and our beer festival spread.

Kevin (in blue, on the far right) ran into a group of his students at the festival, and it was a lot of fun practicing my Chinese and helping them practice English. On top of the food and the beer, there were some fireworks and a lot of obnoxious muzak! A fun night indeed.

The caption reads "Foreign friends (lit: foreign friend people) celebrate beer festival." Damn I'm good! Be sure to check out a lot more pictures here.

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