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Monday, November 27, 2006

Last one ... promise.

So I've done a lot of blogging today. Yeah, yeah, I know. One more can't hurt.

Today, after a balmy morning that kept me sweating all through class, and then a sudden torrential rain in the middle of the afternoon, Zhanjiang had its first genuinely cold day. It feels like, finally, this place is real: it has weather, it changes, and it's at last changing to something cooler. For some reason, this cold weather really makes me happy, optimistic even. It's almost as if I can feel at home, feel a sense of permanency and progress, when I live somewhere long enough to experience seasonal change.

I love the cold weather, and finally having it cooler here fills me with real joy. And walking out tonight to get some crossword puzzles ("The Importance of Being Earnest" vocabulary) photocopied for my classes tomorrow, I felt hopeful and somehow energized.

I don't know why a chilly evening can make me feel this way; I just hope I can channel this energy into useful causes. I still have a language to learn, after all.

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