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Friday, November 24, 2006

My Students Rock

I occasionally get email from students that just feel the need to tell me they love my class. It's embarrassing how great my students are. I'd like to share one email I received recently. Now, realize that Jennifer here is a college freshman. So her English isn't perfect. But then, how was your Chinese when you were a freshman in college?

Dear Matthew,

Hello! I am Jennifer,who comes from Business and Translation class 1. Don't you forget about me ? :)
Today is Thanksgiving Day .You told us last week,so I remember it.I want to show my great thanks to you! Thanks for teaching me and encouraging me to speak English.
Our class is so vivid thatI really enjoy it!
I think you are a good teacher,knowing how to make us learn more,and also have a good time in your class.
It's really very kind of you!Thank you very much.Thank god to send you here.
By the way,will you attend our school sports meet tomorrow? That would be rather wonderful.
It's possible that we will be the winners.
Thanks again.
PS:Have a splendid weekend!
Best Wishes.

Yours sincerely

Aw, they're the best. Thanks, Jennifer.

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