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Monday, January 08, 2007

Tomato sauce makes it good

Tonight, I used some pasta sauce purchased in Hong Kong to concoct a pasta feast the likes of which Zhanjiang had never seen. Along with Nicki and Mike, we added some satueed onions and garlic to some Prego sauce, cooked up some garlic bread, and even had a nice lil' bottle of red wine. (A '99 Great Wall Dry Red ... I know, you're jealous.) We invited Liam to dine with us and we had a long, relaxed dinner, and a long and enjoyable chat about the next term, traveling, living and teaching in China and all that jazz. It was fantastic. Then I came home and got three calls in a row, all from my seniors, who want me to come be in their graduation pictures tomorrow afternoon. Now maybe this is something they offer every teacher, or maybe it's just something they wanted to invite me to. Either way, it was really nice to be invited for those pictures, and it was so great to have that meal, it was one of those many "damn this is great" moments you have here.

Oh, and Kevin (Maryknoll's GiCoMStFTATF) and his girlfriend are engaged. Congratulations, kids.

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