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Friday, September 08, 2006

The First Pizza Entry

Wrote this when a great song played randomly on the evening of September 05.

The things you remember. I'm sitting at my desk in China, enjoying the struggle through Ulysses yet again (up to Lystregonians), when “Wrong Place Right Time / I Can Hear the Grass Grow” by The Fall randomly plays in iTunes (a rip, as it turns out, from the Complete Peels Sessions boxed set that Rob and Juice got me for my birthday last year). And I’m immediately transported back to October 2005 – Jesus, almost a year ago now, isn’t it? – and I played nothing but The Fall on my trip up to Rhode Island, to visit Eric at Brown. I parked, met up with Rick and Marilyn, and we had a great weekend together. I remember that we got a lot of solid work done on The Hopeless Movements that week – a memory flashes of us talking about golf for the Decompression Chamber Golf sketch – and once, we went for a drive, and I played them a few “sneak peak” tracks from the (at the time) upcoming Fall album, Fall Heads Roll. I think we toured the campus a bit, got lost on and off the highway, and then went for some late night pizza.

That was a good memory. That was a good time with good friends.

I never thought I’d be one to suffer from appetite loss as a result of stress, but I haven’t eaten much at all in the past few days. One actual meal, maybe, in the last three days: the rest has been odds and ends, peanut butter spread over foully-sweet bread or a bag of M&Ms.

I want to be back in Rhode Island eating pizza with my friends.

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