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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hong Kong Leftovers

Yeah, so, I documented one very fun night out on the town in Hong Kong, and only now realized that I never posted the video. So here it is!

See! The delicious Taj Mahal Indian restaurant, tucked away somewhere in some strange industrial buidling! Enjoy! The beautiful sights of the Hong Kong skyline as seen from the ferry between Kowloon and central Hong Kong! Laugh! As your humble narrator buys beer in a Hong Kong 7-11 and the Maryknoll bunch dance and sing at a karaoke bar! Hear! The sounds of the busy city and the night life of Lan Kwai Fong! Listen! As I stumble over adjectives and sound like a pretentious ass as I attempt to describe the architecture and sights of the night!

And yes, and one more:

Despite me calling this place "The Smuggeler's Den" throughout the video (and ignoring confirmations to the contrary), it is indeed named "The Smuggler's Inn." A great little watering hole-in-the-wall, and only $30HK for a pint of Tsing Tao. Not bad!

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