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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Bliss of Hong Kong (also: pictures)

Meghan is sunning herself on the balcony outside our room as Patrick soaks in the view overlooking Maryknoll's manicured lawn and the sea-green vista of Stanley "Harbour." High atop Stanley Knoll, the palm trees whisper lazily in the breeze and exotic South Chinese birds sing their strange songs, and even though you can see the bustle of the plaza and roads and streets below, you're insulated from all that, the noise and activity just faint echoes, and on a beautiful day like today, you sit quietly, humbly, and look far into the sea.

As you may have guessed, we're in Hong Kong, and we're winding down after an intense march through Zhanjiang, Beijing, and Xi'an. Hong Kong is, I think, the perfect complement to all that Mainland jazz, and, selfishly, it gives me a chance to rest before I return to campus on Sunday. Not having to stumble through my infantile Mandarin to make requests for more toilet paper or wake-up calls is a huge mental burden that doesn't exist here in HK, and we can all get around easily, speak English, and relax.

Anyway, I'm sure some would like to see some pictures. Just a few pictures of the family in various places in China; classrooms, Tianan'men Square, the Great Wall, etc. I'll upload the (high-resolution) lot to my Picasa space sometime soon.

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