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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm Still Here

A profound sense of ennui has set in here in Zhanjiang.

What could it be? The heat, for one. It's really no fun to be talking to a class of disinterested students who are falling asleep in front of my eyes (the "arm-on-desk, head-down-in-sweet-oblivion" move is especially infuriating) while a constant stream of sweat keeps my undershirt nice and moist. Hair like you're just outta the shower, beads trickling down your neck (or forehead or back or ... ), long pauses waiting for answers ... not my ideal teaching environment.

Or maybe it's the subjects. Sure, I'm having fun pretending I know all the facets of British, American, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand culture, but it gets old when I have to cover something like the British economy or Welsh festivals, something where my knowledge is limited to what I've read in the book. I can't even pronounce Eisteddfod, let alone explain what it is.

Maybe I'm just numbed by the overwhelming response to my post asking for advice. I guess what surprised me wasn't the breadth of discourse, but the depth. Rarely have I enjoyed such illuminating suggestions that strive to ignite passion in the soul of the reader. Thank you, sincerely, one and all, for your tireless participation.

Been going to the gym lately. Feels good to work some energy out, to be lifting again. Running on the unlit track at night, anonymous groups of shadows walking/jogging alongside me (I've never lapped so many people in my life!), has become something I relish.

Trying to think of what to do for the May holiday. Traveling out of the country is expensive. Traveling within the country is expensive. Yangshou could be a good one ... Hong Kong is always fun ... we'll see.

And because I can:

A panoramic view of Stanley, Hong Kong, taken by yours truly!

Ta Prohm tree.

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