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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh, what's one more ...

Why not post another email about how awesome the Smith kids were in Zhanjiang?

"Hi, Matt!

Your family are very friendly and all of my classmates like them very much! We learned a lot from the talking with them. Pat likes films very much and he talked very very excited!! But what a pity we are familiar with the English name of the films, although we know the Chinese name of them. So I feel it is very necessary for us to know more about the other things out of our textbooks! Especially the latest films and international news! It is very important for us to communicate with other people! The games we played in the class are very funny and we liked them very much!! I hope you enjoy your trip with your family in China! We learned a lot indeed in that class. You are a very good and kind teacher indeed!!"

OK, I'll stop now.

We're awesome.

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